Adding Vertical Jump for Volleyball

Which athletes have the highest vertical jump? Volleyball players? Basketball players?

In the article below one trainer compares jumping ability and vertical jump between athletes. This trainer claims Olympic weight lifters are one of the highest jumping athletes. That’s right – that’s the reason why different variations of explosive cleans, cleans and jerks, snatches, etc are in our training schedules.

You necessary don’t need to do traditional weight lifting, you could also do medicine ball throws or kettle bell training.

Those are all great because you can make explosive leg extension and hip extension exercises with all of them.  Besides legs, they all work on your core (ab, hip and back muscles), which are extremely important for volleyball strength and adding the vertical jump.

Just remember to start slowly, learning the techniques first without weights, then adding weight little by little over time.  Learning those weight lifting techniques can take several weeks or even months.  Cleans and snatches are technically very difficult to perform – and not knowing the correct technique can lead to a serious injury.

Article about Vertical Jump – “Which Athletes Are Truly the Best Jumpers?”

We run into an article, which compares vertical jump between athletes.  What do you think which athletes jump the highest?

Video – 50 Inch Vertical Jump

Here is extra motivation for you to train vertical jump. Watch this video and enjoy the 50 inch vertical:

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