100-0 Basketball Game – What is sportsmanship?


Basketball Coach Fired After 100-0 Basketball Game Victory!

I have huge respect for team that lost. As well as for the team that won.

The losing basketball team really shows a lot of character to keep playing – they haven’t won in the past four years!  And they are still trying.  My hat’s off to them.

They are playing their hearts out – just like their opponent, the team which just scored 100-0 victory over them.

What do you think about this case?

“What is sportsmanship?”

“Do you think it would have made the losing team feel better – if knowing they scored points because other team started to feel sorry for them and started to take it easy?”

“Would you take it easy yourself – if you would be beating up the opponent very badly?”

This 100-0 basketball game story is all over the news, also internationally. If you haven’t heard about it, you can read the whole story here:,2933,482825,00.html

P.S. There is something in this case that I am little bit upset about.. you’ll hear about it soon.


  1. We had a local high school volleyball game that was kind of the same type of situation.

    One of the best high school teams had to play one of the worst teams in the area. They had to play because they were in the same conference.

    In the first game, the first server served all 25 points. In the next game, the coach had each player on the team serve the first ball out. It was obvious what the team was doing.

    The coach on the other team was furious. This had to be really embarrassing.

    What it comes down to is, who’s in control. The really good teams have a ton of control over the outcome because they are so good. No matter what, people aren’t going to like what they do because they have so much control over what happens. For example, if the better team lets up, the opponent is offended because they aren’t playing as hard. If the better team keeps playing hard, the opponent is embarrassed.

    I believe this is why people get upset about this. It’s an impossible situation because the much weaker team doesn’t have any control
    over the outcome, and they get upset because the better team has too much control…they basically do whatever they want.

    If I’m getting beat really bad, I personally want the other team to play as hard as they can. I know from my own experience that the more I’m around great volleyball, whether it’s playing with great players, playing against great players, or just watching great players play…. I know this is the fastest way to becoming a great player myself.

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