How to Improve Self Confidence in Volleyball Serve?

Read about improving volleyball players’ self confidence.

How to make your players feel more confident when serving? Self-Confidence in Volleyball Serve

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  1. Volleyball Mom says:

    Is there any rule that says that you can’t put a hop in your serve approach. One might use this approach to gain more momentum after serving the ball to run up and continue with play. I would think it would not matter as long as they are able to control the direction of their serve. Any comments?

    • Hi Volleyball Mom,

      There is no rule which makes it illegal, so it is OK to do so.

      If there is something that one believes makes the serve better and it works for the team’s benefit, I as a coach would be very happy to see a player searching for her limits and trying to improve his/her game.

      We are adding up Q/A sections in the website. We have been testing it in our Sports Psychology page already. I will open it up soon in Basic Volleyball Rules section also.

      Thank you for the question.

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