Volleyball Front Row Attack Becoming Illegal – Is Not April Fools Joke

Have you heard about volleyball front row attack becoming illegal?

Even though it is the beginning of April – this is not the April Fools’ joke.

Volleyball Front Row Attack and Rules Changes

We are probably used to these frequent rules changes in volleyball, but this could be a little bit upsetting..

International governing body, FIVB wants to increase the length of the rallies, since the name of game is volleyball. They want the ball to stay longer in the air.

It is more difficult to kill the ball after a counter attack (, which is the offense after the defense).  That’s why FIVB has been planning to make it harder to finish the rally after the serve receive. So, if the first attack after the serve receive is defended then rallies will be longer.

Therefore they have proposed to make the front row attack illegal after the serve receive.

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Proposed New Volleyball Rules And Regulations

Middle Hitters Must Be Upset..

I am sure some middle hitters would be upset about it.  They would not have a chance to hit a quick attack in the front row after the serve receive.

Is this upsetting you?  Comments? Questions? Concerns?

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