5 Secrets to Improve Sports Performance

How to improve sports performance? Read about psych-up techniques in sports.

Athletes in the same competitive situation can experience different changes in intensity. How to improve sports performance?For example, when within sight of winning, one athlete may have an increase in intensity and feel very nervous because she’s never defeated her opponent before and doesn’t totally believe that she can this time. While another athlete in the same situation might have a decrease in intensity and feel a letdown because she’s already mentally in the locker room thinking about her next competition.

How to calm yourself down?

Or how to increase the intensity?

5 Tips to Improve Sports Performance

1. Intense Breathing
Intensive breathing gets up pumped up. Breathing slower and deep will calm you down.

2. Move your body

Physical activity increases your intensity.

3.  High-energy self-talk
Keep your intensity up by high-energy and positive self-talk.How to improve sports performance?

4. High-energy body language
Use body language to build up your confidence and eagerness to compete.

5. Music
Use music to build excitement and increase energy levels.

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