5 Secrets to Improve Sports Performance

How to improve sports performance? Read about psych-up techniques in sports.

Athletes in the same competitive situation can experience different changes in intensity. How to improve sports performance?For example, when within sight of winning, one athlete may have an increase in intensity and feel very nervous because she’s never defeated her opponent before and doesn’t totally believe that she can this time. While another athlete in the same situation might have a decrease in intensity and feel a letdown because she’s already mentally in the locker room thinking about her next competition.

How to calm yourself down?

Or how to increase the intensity?

5 Tips to Improve Sports Performance

1. Intense Breathing
Intensive breathing gets up pumped up. Breathing slower and deep will calm you down.

2. Move your body

Physical activity increases your intensity.

3.  High-energy self-talk
Keep your intensity up by high-energy and positive self-talk.How to improve sports performance?

4. High-energy body language
Use body language to build up your confidence and eagerness to compete.

5. Music
Use music to build excitement and increase energy levels.

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How to Teach Optimism for Kids Through Sports?

Are we able to teach optimism for kids through sports? Teaching kids optimism

Can watching and involving in sports make kids believe in themselves?

Can sports teach kids hope and optimism, which often help us to go through tough times in life?

Read a full article post how sports can have a positive influence on kids.
Teaching Kids Optimism


How to Get Success? The Myth of Overnight Success

How to get success?  How did the best athletes become so great?

The answer is simple. The best athletes have done hard work and put hours and hours of practice into it.  There is no gene, which makes you automatically good at volleyball or basketball. It is all done by countless of repetitions.Building Confidence in Volleyball. How to Get Success?

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking, there’s really no such a thing as overnight success.

Let’s put it another way, if you want to learn new skills or shift careers – whatever you want to accomplish – you can expect another 10,000 hours of hard work.

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How to Get Success –  The Myth of Overnight Success

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Athletes Need to Stay Focused But What Should I Focus On?

Staying focused is important for athletes – but what should I focus on?

You shouldn’t just repeat the mantra “stay focused” – you need to have specific things to focus on.

For example when the volleyball player practices skills, she should try to keep her thoughts in the correct form – so she learns to visualize the skill.  When you learn to visualize the correct form, it helps you to repeat the skill correctly one after another.

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Does stress improve or worsen your athletic performance?

How stress affects athletic performance?

An athlete might be de-motivated by the stress of losing (even quit before the game is over) but motivated by the stress of competition.

Read about 1) Competition Stress, 2) Stress of Anticipated Failure, 3) Stress of Anticipated Injury, 4) Stress of Unpreparedness .

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Does stress improve or worsen your athletic performance?


How Positive Attitude Helps Us to Reach our Potential in Sports?

Practicing a positive attitude keeps us out on the road or track performing to our potential and having fun (that’s why we do it in the first place) year after year. How full is your glass?

How positive attitude helps us to reach our potential in sports?


Sports injury? How to cope?

Read about strategies for coping with an injury. Check out this article if you or your athletes need support with injuries.

How to cope with the sports injury?


Recommendations for Building Self-esteem

We continue about the sports psychology topic we started a few weeks ago. If you want to see specific questions and answers about the topic, follow the link below.

We found a nice article about Children’s Self Esteem.

Recommendations for Building Self-esteem of Children:

* Love them regardless of how they perform.
* Give them opportunities to demonstrate their competence.
* Focus on areas over which they have control (e.g., their efforts rather than results).
* Encourage your children to take appropriate risks.
* Allow your children to experience failure and then help them learn its essential lessons.
* Set expectations for their behavior.
* Demand accountability.
* Have consequences for bad behavior.
* Include them in decision making.

To read the whole article, follow the link below.


Sports Psychology in Volleyball

How to use sports psychology to improve your performance in volleyball? How to help athletes to perform better? Read about simple tools to improve your performance on the court.

Sports Psychology in Volleyball

Also here is a video about sports psychology in squash.  Video is 8 minutes long, but I am positive you’ll get few good tips to your volleyball game from there.  The coach in the video is the squash coach for the world’s greatest squash players, so it is worth watching the video.

[mc src=”” type=”youtube”]Sports Psychology and Winning[/mc]