Basic Volleyball Rules – Dramatic Changes Proposed

Are the basic volleyball rules about to change again?

Volleyball regulations have changed by libero rules and rally scoring in the recent history, so all the volleyball fans have dealt with big changes, but this sounds pretty dramatic.

International governing body, FIVB has proposed to make the front row attack illegal!

Yes, really!  Front Row Offense Could Become Illegal!

Let’s Think..

Well, before getting overly upset about it, let’s think why these changes are planned.

What are the Reasons Behind Proposed Changes in Volleyball Rules?

Rallies are too short in volleyball?

Since the name of our game is volleyball, the international governing body, FIVB wants to increase the length of rallies. They want the ball to be flying in the air longer.

So, the governing body thinks the rallies are short in volleyball.

Basic Volleyball Rules – How to increase the length of rallies?

After the counter attack (an offense after a defensive play), the defensive players have more chances to dig the ball up.

Therefore the governing body wants to “reduce the kills” of the receiving team, which would make the rallies longer.

So, they are proposing to make the front row attack illegal – after the serve receive.

This means for example middle hitters could not hit the quick attack after the serve receive anymore.

Sounds pretty dramatic, right?

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Basic Volleyball Rules – Objective Look at the Proposed Volleyball Rules Changes

Let’s dig a little bit further.  Let’s see what FIVB, International Governing Body is thinking about.

What is the reasoning behind the changes?

Why receiving team’s back row attack makes the rallies longer?

  1. Back row attack travels more horizontal curve, not vertical (straight down towards court), therefore it is easier to defend
  2. Lessens the effects of the giants in the front row, since extremely tall players can’t hit the ball over the block with front row quick attack.
  3. “It makes the defending area smaller” because the ball can’t be hit straight down anymore

How this will benefit the smaller players in volleyball?

It is easier for the shorter blockers to stop back row hits than quick hits by front row players. You don’t have to be a giant to stop the receiving team’s attack.

When the rallies become longer, the players have to be more dynamic and ability to move better.

Other benefits:

The back row attack is more spectacular than front row attacks.  Players get to use their air-borne skills and spectators see players flying more.

It reduces the net faults and center line violations, since those are almost not-existent with back row attacks

Safer game: injuries are decreased since less attackers and blockers collapse.

Are you still upset about this?  Any comments?  Questions? Concerns?

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P.S. The International governing body for Volleyball, FIVB stated most nations were supporting these rules changes.  That is a huge surprise when hearing and reading what volleyball fans have to say about the rules changes.  Huge majority of fans are in opposition – most of them think proposed rules are.. hmmm.. not that great.    FIVB stated the leading nations in volleyball were opposing these rules.

In the beginning of 2010 it was suggested to the Executive Bureau of FIVB not to accept proposed rules since they don’t know the affect of rules in women’s and junior volleyball. We are all ears to hear what will happen next in the rules department.

Join in discussion.  What rules would you like to see in order to make the rallies longer?